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Senior Housing Lakewood

Alzheimer’s patients need constant care and monitoring. You cannot let them take a stroll alone because they might forget their way home. As kids, what should you do when you see your father or mother suffering from Alzheimer’s? Yes, it pains you to stay away from them due to work. But if you cannot come, what alternatives do you have? One, you can keep a day-night maid who will take care of your parents. However, they don’t have medical knowledge and won’t be able to support them during medical emergencies. Two, you can send them to a retirement home.

Best senior housing facility

Many people think they don’t need assisted living facilities. But sometimes, assisted living is a necessary evil for them. Allegria Senior Living, for one, provides the best facilities when it comes to assisted living. And most importantly, this institution focuses on the wellbeing of residents. They don’t consider anyone as special cases. Of course, if your parent is suffering from Alzheimer’s, he/he will get additional support like personal care services, medication management, and nursing care. But the rest of the facilities are similar to everyone. Here are a few things that every resident of Allegria will get:

• Onsite activities, such as gardening, pottery, bingo, cooking, yoga, and many more hobbies.
• Housekeeping, including linen services.
• Maintenance of their building or apartment.
• Social gatherings and interactive sessions.
• Emergency response systems.
• Electric, water, and gas utilities.

The concept is simple. Allegria’s Senior Housing Lakewood wants residents to feel they are at home. That means you are not sending your parents to an old-age home or institution; you are merely shifting them to a new home where they will find people of their age-group. And this is helpful for people with Alzheimer’s.

Excellent Alzheimer’s support

What do you expect from a caregiver taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient? Things like companionship, monitoring the behavior, and various types of personal assistance, right? Caregivers from Allegria provide all these things and more. They understand how people feel when they can’t remember things suddenly. Hence, Allegria provides dedicated Alzheimer’s support services that including the following:

• Mental stimulation activities through conversations and specialized activities.
• Monitoring behavioral changes and comparing them according to respective medical dosages.
• Prevents residents from wandering off by offering secure neighborhoods and increased supervision and care.
• Reminding residents about their medicine timings.
• Offering various personal help, such as grooming, toileting, dressing, and bathing.
• Making meals and feeding them. The caregivers also provide special meals according to the diet charts of residents.
• Modifying their care levels according to the resident’ condition.

Again, companionship is the most crucial part of taking care of Alzheimer’s patients. The residents and caregivers become immediate family members of newcomers. Plus, Lakewood is a very peaceful place. The caregivers often take Alzheimer’s residents for a walk so that they don’t feel bored inside.

Apart from these facilities, Allegria’s Senior Housing Lakewood has luxurious residential-like facilities that make any new member feel at home immediately. You can send your parents to Allegria without any second thought.