Dedicated Memory Care Freehold

Memory Care FreeholdAt Allegria, we understand that age-related memory loss is a common challenge that is faced by seniors. Whether these challenges are only related to ageing or whether they can be attributed to health conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia, we know that additional, dedicated memory care Freehold is what is needed most.

Over and above providing comprehensive support services in luxury housing and beautiful surroundings, we provide for the additional requirements of residents who are having to cope with the impact of memory loss in the following ways:

1. Secure Neighborhoods

One of the most common issues involved with memory loss is the tendency to wander off. A secure neighborhood ensures that all residents are safe and that their ability to get lost is limited to the neighborhood. This provides additional peace of mind for loved ones as well as residents that there is a reduced ability to get in harms way by wandering off into an unsafe neighborhood or area.

2. Additional Monitoring And Supervision

We will schedule additional supervision for residents who have challenges with memory relative to their requirements. We know that memory loss can cause confusion and are there to provide support to assist in overcoming confusing periods and ensuring safety and security above all.

3. Extra Care

Memory loss often results in the inability to take care of oneself and perform simple daily tasks. Our team provides additional basic and other care in order to ensure that each of our residents experiences the highest quality of life possible and that all their basic and daily needs are attended to. This increased supervision includes ensuring that any necessary medication and/or supplements are provided when required and in the correct dosages.

4. Nutrition

Ageing is often accompanied by reduced appetite. This, combined with memory loss, can often result in poor nutrition. At Allegria, we provide healthy and nutritious meals for all residents who are unable or simply prefer not to cook their own meals. For residents who have challenges with memory, we will ensure that they are reminded of meal times and guided to the dining area in order to ensure good nutrition.

5. Activities

Allegria provides a wide variety of activities and social events for our residents to ensure that they are living a full and stimulating life. We will provide reminders or guidance to any activities that are of interest to a resident should they forget when and where to go. In addition, we have daily programs that are specifically designed to stimulate residents who have either Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. These programs integrate techniques that have been proven to slow the progression of memory loss and other symptoms of cognitive degeneration.

We ensure that our residents have the advantage of experiencing the highest quality life in luxury while providing the additional care and support that they need with dedicated memory care Freehold. To find out more about our daily programs that are designed to provide stimulation for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, feel free to contact our friendly staff.