Alzheimer’s Care Howell

Alzheimer’s Care Howell

Isn’t it sad when you hear from your relatives that your father’s Alzheimer’s deteriorated from last time? You can’t help but hope that the medicines work. It is tough to live far away from your parents, especially when they have Alzheimer’s. You always worry about their wellbeing. Instead of calling on their neighbors and relatives, why not send them to a retirement home that provides 24 x 7 care for residents with Alzheimer’s. That’s where Allegria offers respite to you and your family.

Friendly atmosphere

Allegria Senior Living is a place where your parents will find the perfect combination of excellent support services and luxury housing facilities. The members of this institution understand the hardships of elders with Alzheimer’s. These senior citizens go through immense levels of frustration when they can’t remember things. It’s like you are attending an exam and you can’t answer the question you prepared so well.

Alzheimer’s Care Howell has caregivers who work day and night to provide company to residents. They are there for the elders 24 x 7. Most importantly, Allegria has a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes it comfortable for elders to settle down. Whether the senior citizen has Alzheimer’s or dementia, the individual will feel at home from his/her first day. Allegria believes that these residents need friendly companions more than anything else. And that’s what the caregivers would provide to your parents.

Available facilities

Why is Allegria the perfect home for elders with Alzheimer’s? Well, there are several reasons.

• Assisted living facilities

Allegria provides personal care services to all Alzheimer’s residents. This includes incontinence care, assistance with grooming, showering, and toileting whenever and whatever required. There is a separate team dedicated to medication management. This team monitors the progress of residents so that they can increase or decrease medicine dosages. Remember, Allegria is not a hospital. But it still offers enough support so that patients don’t feel neglected.

• Dedicated Alzheimer’s support

Allegria management introduced dedicated Alzheimer’s support to encourage parents to come here and feel comfortable instead of staying alone in their houses. They have stimulating programs explicitly designed for residents suffering from Alzheimer’s. Apart from monitoring medical progress, the institution offers secure neighborhoods and increased supervision.

What to expect

Families will never feel disappointed at Alzheimer’s Care Howell. From caregivers to residents, everyone welcomes a new senior as their family member. It is a home away from home for everyone. Are you still wondering what type of care Allegria will provide? Here are a few things to remember.

• Preparing meals that suit their diet. The caregivers also feed bedridden-residents.
• The most challenging thing for Alzheimer’s patients is not remembering which medicine to take. This is not a problem at Allegria. The caregivers will make a schedule of your parents’ medicine timings and will remind them accordingly.
• They will also help them go to the toilet.
• The caregivers will accompany the residents whenever they go for a walk or spend time in the garden.

Constant care is crucial for patients with Alzheimer’s. At Allegria, your parents can lead a luxurious life without worrying about this condition. Let them enjoy with people of their age-group.