Medicaid Assisted Living Lakewood

Are you searching for Medicaid Assisted Living Lakewood? Allegria at Ocean Grove has the services to provide you with the care that you are in need of. There are many amenities that Allegria has to offer that makes each resident feel comfortable and at home during their stay. The staff treats each resident with care and dignity too. Also, they promote independence for each resident. In addition, they involve family members in care decisions.  Residents also can make individual choices for car and lifestyle options.

Residents at Allegria at Ocean Grove receiving Medicaid Assisted Living Lakewood have access to many services and amenities. Allegria has full service restaurant style dining. Residents can enjoy a peaceful meal. In addition, there are many activities that go on at Allegria! There is bingo, yoga, cooking, pottery, and more. In addition, if you have a green thumb and enjoy nature, they even have a gardening club. Spending time outside in the fresh air is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The staff wants to keep all residents secure and safe. This is why they have twenty four hour reception desk and security. Also, Allegria wants each resident to receive all the care that they need. Residents are always the number one priority.

Allegria at Ocean Grove has many different services available in addition to Medicaid Assisted Living Lakewood. If you are looking for more information about their Assisted Living services, you can visit them at their website at