Alzheimer's Care in Jersey Shore

We’re a committed and dedicated senior living and nursing home assisted living community, providing Alzheimer’s Care in Jersey Shore for any who need it. For people who still want their independence, but still need support in their day to day needs, Allegria can be the perfect middle ground.

Our Services

In our mission to provide Alzheimer’s Care in Jersey Shore, we know there has to be nuanced levels to the amount of care and support available, to ensure we can meet people on a case by case basis. Because of that, we offer multiple care services, which we’ve detailed below:

  • Residential Living

With our residential living services, we’ll be able to help you retain your independence with a few more hints of luxury than you might be used to! You’ll be living alongside other residents just like you, in a social bubble that features group activities and onsite access to medical care.

  • Assisted Living

Alongside our residential living program, we also offer assisted living. You’ll have access to the above and more, as our onsite staff will take care of as many of your needs as possible. Whether you need help in managing medication, or you have trouble with personal care, we can help.

  • Memory & Alzheimer’s Support

We all know just how hard memory management can be, and we seek to lift some of that burden. In our Alzheimer’s Support program, we’ll be able to tailor daily activities to your or a loved one’s needs, to stimulate memory and ensure the luxuries of Allegria can be fully enjoyed.

  • Onsite Doctors

As we’ve mentioned in the programs above, we have onsite doctors and medical staff around at all times. Whether you need to see a general practitioner, chiropractor, nutritionist, dentist, optician, dermatologist, psychologist, physical therapist, or podiatrist, someone will be on hand to help whenever you need it, for total convenience.

Schedule a Tour

As another part of the wide range of services we offer, you can also book for a Respite/Trial Stay at our facilities, to ensure you get a real taste of what we can do for you and/or a loved one. But before you dive in at the deep end, why not schedule a tour with us to see first hand what we do at Allegria?

We want to be transparent and open with all potential residents, and if you’re looking for reliable and effective Alzheimer’s Care in Jersey Shore, we want to make that available to you. That’s why we’ve made sure to put a tour scheme in place for those who are even just curious. We’ll take you on a fully guided walk around of where we are and what we do, and we’ll do our best to answer any and all questions you might have.

We also offer Alzheimer’s Care in Tinton Falls. Contact us today for more information or a tour of our facility!