Personal Care Home in Long Beach

If you are searching for a Personal Care Home in Long Beach for dependent elderly people then Allegria is the place for you. We welcome elderly people who are offered help to perform the acts of daily life as well as medical and paramedical care if the state of health requires it. A place of reception and medical support, Allegria at Ocean Grove is above all a place to live.

It focuses its action on the quality of reception of the residents, their daily well-being as well as the maintenance of their autonomy and social life. The Residence is of the latest generation and totally adapted to the loss of autonomy. With care and respect at the very top of our priorities. Comfortable, luxurious and above all, secure, it has medical assistance and care when needed, with on-site doctors.

A real living space, each room/suite and facilities are functional. The personal care home in Long Branch is also the place of social, emotional, cultural life! With therapeutic workshops, daily activities, on-site catering, intergenerational meetings, and more, there is plenty to do. You can release your worries about your older, dependent relatives in a safe and secure environment.

It is essential for us to ensure that the environment is perfectly adapted because it represents one of the first sources of well-being and reassurance. Everyone benefits from personalized support that guarantees respect for their desires and life choices.

Long Beach Independent Living Community

Families are invited to participate in the life of the retirement home too and are welcome to visit. Cultural and leisure activities occupy a central place in daily life. They are carried out by the activity leaders, they represent real therapy intended to combat depression, maintain social ties and even reduce certain symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. We offer a very holistic approach that is beneficial for residents and makes them feel cared for and secure.

Several types of activities are offered, depending on the needs and demands. This may be to stimulate the cognitive capacities of the elderly, to prevent bone loss and falls, to maintain relationships with the family, or to continue to participate in some form of life in the place they live.

We encourage great diets, and offer only the best catering facilities for our residents. We appreciate that diet is a big part of lifestyle. We encourage healthy decisions constantly. Our nursing team reports to the resident and to the family, from time to time, on the follow-up and the care plan.

Maintaining autonomy is our goal. Our residence is charged with a mission: to welcome and support the elderly in their aging through a warm listening and a friendly atmosphere. We also want their medical care taken care of, which is why we offer high-quality medical care and on-site doctors. We assist with all areas of life, to ensure the best care.

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We would love to offer you a tour. You can call one of our friendly team members and book a tour. You can see the care home and the medical facilities.

Experience all the luxury and care of life at Allegria. Special pricing available for Short-Term and Trial Stays.