Retirement Home in Tinton Falls

For us at Allegria, our Retirement Home in Tinton Falls offers cdare and dedication to people who need it the most in their golden years. We offer more than just a professional service. The togetherness and security is characterized by attention and affection and conveys a feeling of being in good hands. We believe that every senior deserves care in their golden years. We combine all types of care at our retirement home.

Whether it is temporary support in the context of short-term or preventive care, in-patient care or intensive care for those in need of severe care – we help people with all types of issues. These include mobility issues and psychological illnesses which may include Alzheimers.

We have many years of experience and our employees are your care. We want to get to know our residents. We offer high quality day care and care offers and find out which of them suits our residents and their social and lifestyle habits. This includes their health and any treatment plans they may need. We work to create a holistic approach to work. With every new phase of life, personal demands and needs change and so do we.

We offer a safe and comfortable home that is spacious, luxurious and comfortable. We have a plethora of facilities that make life even easier. Great social and leisure activities as well as great catering facilities. We encourage social activity to ensure all residents are happy. We offer assistance in daily life, including medical intervention. Our nursing team and team of doctors are highly trained.

Senior Living Retirement Community

We also regularly invite you to a wide variety of events. We want you to be part of the journey with us and ensure that your family is in the best hands. We always have security and care at the heart of our work. With our wide range of activities you can spend eventful hours every day, learning and enjoying many things. It is a great place to retire to. Competent care and loving treatment are always guaranteed with us, because we care for them with care and a high level of specialist knowledge.

Our care is tailored to your individual needs, promotes your independence and takes your personal daily rhythm into account. We maintain according to the recognized state of medical and nursing scientific knowledge – in the areas of personal hygiene or nutrition as well as in medical treatment care.

Whether long-term or short-term stays – with us everyone feels comfortable after a short period of getting used to. You will be immediately integrated into our community and, if you want, you can take part in our diverse events and activities right away. Our retirement home in Tinton Falls is a place to feel welcome, happy and content.

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Our friendly team would be more than happy to ensure that you have a tour booked, so that you can take a look at what we have to offer. Please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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