Senior Living in Jersey Shore

If you’re looking for extra support for yourself or your elderly relatives, there are various different opportunities for senior living in Jersey Shore. At the Allegria assisted living community you can find all the amenities you need in one place along with medical care and services. Allegria offers both independent and assisted residential living, so you can choose the best option according to your unique needs and situation. The trained staff at Allegria are also experienced in memory care and providing assistance to those with dementia. If you’re in need of a facility designed for senior living in Jersey Shore, Allegria certainly has plenty to offer.

Senior living in Jersey Shore

You can choose between different styles of senior living at Allegria. There are properties available for independent residential living which are designed with older adults in mind. If you go for this option you will still have access to all the nearby amenities in the community. Allegria also offers assisted living. This includes daily support with things like personal care, medication management, and specialized memory care programs. If your loved one is finding daily tasks more challenging, the friendly staff at Allegria are available for help and supervision. There is also the option of trial stays and respite care at Allegria. If you need a break from your caring responsibilities your loved one can stay at the community for a temporary period and receive the companionship and help they need, while you get on with what you need to do.

Services and amenities offered

There is a wide range of services and amenities offered onsite. These are all within a close distance to the residences, making life at Allegria incredibly relaxed and convenient. There is restaurant-style dining available onsite along with a beauty parlor for our residents. Allegria offers access to doctors onsite and there’s an emergency response system in place. Residents can receive nursing care, speak to a physician, and find all the services they need in one place. All utilities and property maintenance are taken care of, and we also provide a housekeeping service.

Social events and activities

There’s a strong focus on community at Allegria and there are plenty of opportunities for residents to get active and socialize. There are lots of fun activities such as yoga, cooking, pottery, bingo, and more. Residents are also encouraged to take part in social activities such as the gardening club and various events. We even arrange trips and outings to places such as the beach, the movies, museums, and more. It can be very beneficial for older adults to take up new hobbies and maintain a social life. It helps to boost their mood and self-esteem, and can improve their overall quality of life.

The friendly support team at Allegria are always available for help and advice, and you can even book a virtual tour online. If you would like to learn more about senior living in Jersey Shore and the Allegria assisted living community, schedule a tour today.

We also offer Senior Living in Long Branch. Contact us to schedule a tour, or browse our website for further information on our facility and compassionate staff.